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Life Member (over 25 years)

R. Albrecht
S. Amarante
*J. Amatuzzi '99
L. Annis
F. Ayers
*A. Bandstra '88
M. Baratz
B. Beck
*K. Benoit  '15
M. Biondo
*B. Blide '92
E. Bonan
B. Borst           

*P. Borzilleri '09
*R. Burgess '06
T. Cagney
*J. Carey '80
M. Carey
M. Carey Jr.
K. Coates
P. Conklin
B. Conroy
S. Cortright
*J. Cromie
K. Cronin
J. Daloisio
J. Dean

G. Dee
C. Desmond        
*T. Desmond
M. DeVries
T. DiMiceli
E. Doll
J. Dubanowitz
D. Duffy .
A. Ellison
*B. Eufer '81

B. Fernekees
* V. Fichera
T. Fliegel           
J. Florance
J. Friedland
*E. Getto '04
S. Gins
G. Gramsch
M. Granda
J. Grando
*J. Gravina '08
N. Gray

*C. Greimel '93
M. Guarnaccia
M. Haynes
J. Hefferon
R. Hylas
D. Keller
*A. Klomburg '83
*F. Knispel '98
P. Kohn
B. Konvit
A. Kursar
P. Larsen
R. LeBlancq
R. Levine
J. Lockard
J. Lucas
L. Ludwig
*D. Manning '02
T. Marcelletti
*C. Martin '07
S. Mason
B. McCarthy
R. McCluskie
M. McMaster
J.R. Meloro
S. Miller
C. Mino
L. Morgan
T. Morley

R. Morris

J. Mulanaphy
E. Nef
S. Nimmo

*S. Novak '17
E. O'Connell
*J. Onesios '03
M. O'Sullivan
B. O’Toole
M. O"Toole
B. Pash
D. Patrick
J. Paul
P. Piech
S. Primrose
*K. Quinn '95
G. Ramsey
J. Renners
T. Robbins
J. Routh

R. Russell
V. Sanchez
J. Shea
*T. Smith '82
*P. Sobeck '97
C. Stock
*K. Switala '14
C. Tatosian
*B. Taylor '05
*P. Thomasset '11
L. Van Orden
J. Vargas

*J. Welter '00
T. White
D. Whittam
O. Yacobi
H. Yauch
T. Zambrotta
A. Zenzius
 D. Zettler           

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Email us at info@holidayobservers.org  




Many years ago, when Allendale was still a rural village, a few neighbors pooled their fireworks on the Fourth of July. Year after year, other neighbors joined in. 
Over 90 years ago, the group organized, appointed a standing committee, and called themselves The Holiday Observers.
Through the years, other holidays - - Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, and Halloween - - were included in the Observers’ scope of activities. 
The purpose of our group is to “provide and encourage patriotic observance of holidays, and to instill respect amongst our young people for our traditions.” Members of the Holiday Observers must be residents of Allendale. 
The generous financial support offered by our townspeople is returned, in full, to the community, in the form of recreation, entertainment, and assistance in community projects.It is our sincere hope that these efforts continue to make Allendale a better community.

2016 - 2017 Officers
President  Tom Robbins  
Vice President  Scott Miller
Recording Secretary  Todd Fliegel
Treasurer   Len Van Orden
Corresponding Secretary  Augie Zenzius
Assistant Treasurer -   Joe Daloisio

Active Observers