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Fireworks News



  • The Fireworks are for Allendale Residents and their guests ONLY!

  • Tickets must be presented for Admission to the Fireworks.

  • Cars will not be allowed into Crestwood Lake after 7:30 PM.

  • Cars with Handicapped Permits are permitted until 8:00 PM only.

  • Parked cars will not be permitted to leave until all pedestrians have exited.

  • No glass containers or fireworks are permitted in the park.

  • No barbeques permitted after 7:30 PM.

  • The Fireworks display is presented by the Holiday Observers, Inc. - Not the Borough of Allendale.

  • 2021 Fireworks modifications

  • The Fireworks program will be a bit different with all our shells as high aerial fireworks, with no ground effects and we are opening additional seating areas on the lake property; in many cases you will be able to view the firework show from your home, if you have a view to the sky facing Crestwood Lake.  We expect to return to a traditional show best viewed from the beach in 2022. 

  • Fields 5 & 6, behind the Red Barn, will require tickets.

  •  Additional seating will be available on South Beach, Maple Ave Field, & Kunisch Field 

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